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Lovecraft Pictures

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20 Weird Pictures Volume 1

20 Weird Pictures Volume 1 is a set of beautiful, surreal and even horrific paintings and icons of the middle ages and rennaisance, featuring the weird, apocolyptic and even macabre. If you need to populate the walls of a museum, gallery, archive or other place of mystery or ancient lore, 20 weird paintings helps you fill spaces on walls.

No matter if you are a fan of HP Lovecraft's writings or players of Lovecraft RPG games, this is the set to create your Cthulu Mythos artwork and animation. Don't forget the master himself - H P Lovecraft 3D is also available.

This model set is included with Miskatonic University Volume 1 but also available separately.

Each model includes the original 3DS version, Poser 6+ Prop and Vue 5 VOB version, with multiple texture maps per set of geometry so you can easily modify the model appearance to your taste.

If you have already picked up a few models in this series and would like to upgrade to the Complete Edition, contact us for special pricing.

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