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Anvilheart Volume 1

Anvilheart is the great city of the dwarves - located beneath Anvilheart mountain, this city is hidden from the eyes of other free peoples - yet still a bustling hub of trade and political power. Here the dwarven king rules and his people thrive.

Each model includes the original 3DS version, Poser 6+ Props and Vue 5 VOB version. May include Bryce 5 version (see individual descriptions).

Visit and Join the Anvilheart and Dwaven Village Group on Meshbox NING and see the announcements below for additional sample renders.

All buildings use "unwrapped" 4000 x 4000 pixel textures for easy modification. Anvilheart V1 contains the following individual models:

  • AVH1V101-3DS Anvilheart Family Apartments< Announcement >
  • AVH1V102-3DS Anvilheart Lucky Keg Tavern < Announcement >
  • AVH1V103-3DS Anvilheart Docks and Warehouse < Announcement >
  • AVH1V104-3DS To Be Announced
  • AVH1V105-3DS To Be Announced
  • AVH1V106-3DS To Be Announced
  • AVH1V107-3DS To Be Announced
  • AVH1V108-3DS (BONUS) To Be Announced

The Bonus Model is only available to purchasers of the Complete Edition. If you have already picked up a few models in this series and would like to upgrade to the Complete Edition, contact us for special pricing.

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