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City Depths Volume 1

City Depths Volume 1 takes you to a new level: below ground! Below the Old City lies another world, shrouded in mist and mystery.

The City Depths series introduces a new paradigm in 3D models, designed to work together using a pre-defined connection system we call MeshConnect ™. MeshConnect models contain uniform connections between sections, allowing you much greater flexibility in creating custom configurations using pieces found in each set. In addition, connection pieces can be found between each set, allowing each model to infinitely expand upon the next.

City Depths Volume 1 is available in a bundle with Music from City Depths Volume 1, a set of royalty free soundtracks based on the themes of urban fantasy horror. Order this bundle in the How to Buy section.

Each model includes a 4000x4000 texture map, 4000x4000 bump map, a 3DS model format version, a Poser 5+ Compatible PP2 Prop, a Bryce 5 demo model and Vue 5+ VOB object.

Support: A dedicated forum for the City Depths Series.

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