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HP Lovecraft 3D for Poser

HP Lovecraft 3D for Poser brings the master of supernatural literature to life! HP Lovecraft 3D is a detailed model for Poser 6 or higher. HP Lovecraft 3D for Poser features dials to depict a high range of emotion. In addition, the model features 2048x2048 texture maps, and displacement maps, with separate 500x500 eyeball maps. H P Lovecraft 3D is a new model in our Hidden Master's Series of characters.

Want to see horror swept Arkham city's famous university, Miskatonic University? Check out Miskatonic University Volume 1!

HP Lovecraft 3D has his own website.

HP Lovecraft 3D for Poser Features

  • Poser Dials: Eyes Up-Down
  • Poser Dials: Eyes Side-Side
  • Poser Dials: Mouth - Open/Close
  • Poser Dials: Smile
  • Poser Dials: Frown
  • Poser Dials: Age
  • Poser Dials: Eyes Open/Close
  • Hand Poses include Reset, Claw and Fist

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