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House of Nosferatu

House of Nosferatu is a complete horror environment for creating vampire themed - or horror themed - artwork. House of Nosferatu is more than a simple castle. Within its walls, there is enough room to add new buildings, customized environments - as well as make modifications to texture maps to totally transform it. Some special models in the series are drop in replacements that completely furnish the building.

This series includes a 3DS format, Poser 6+ Prop PP2, Bryce BR5 and Vue VOB version. Includes an “unwrapped” medium resolution texture map (2048x2048). Some models also include transparency maps for windows.

See details on this product on the House of Nosferatu Forum.

See the Hightlights page and the announcement for each model for detailed information on the model.

  • HON1X101 House of Nosferatu Castle Kit < Announcement>
  • HON1X102 House of Nosferatu Guardhouse < Announcement>
  • HON1X103 House of Nosferatu Carriage House - INCLUDES VAMPIRE CARRIAGE! < Announcement>
  • HON1X104 House of Nosferatu Inner Keep < Announcement>
  • HON1X105 House of Nosferatu: The Master's Chamber < Announcement>
  • HON1X106 House of Nosferatu: Torture Chamber < Announcement>
  • HON1X107 House of Nosferatu: Tower of Evil < Announcement>
  • HON1X108 Bonus Model - House of Nosferatu - Vampire's Harem < Announcement >

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