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Taika the Elf Girl

Taika the Elf Girl (tm) joins Toon Santa in North Pole Village! This bright little lass is one smart elf, and helps out mostly in Santa's accounting department - but she's also mischevious and loves to play tricks on the other elves - she's so cute, the boy elves overlook the little pranks she plays, just to get her attention. Taika the Elf Girl is an original Meshbox Design character and requires no other models.

New! Visit the dedicated website about Toon Santa and his friends.

Check out the announcement of Taika the Elf Girl with additional renders...

Taika the Elf Girl Features

  • 2048x2048 Clothing Maps; 2048x2048 Head and Hat Maps
  • Removable hat
  • Displacement maps on fringes for puffy effects in 2048x2048 maps
  • Included Poses: Looking Up, Naughty Idea, Bad Girl Pose, Standing Politely, Surprise, Reset Pose
  • Face Dials: Blink, Blink-Left Eye, Blink-Right Eye, Brows Up, Brow Up-Left, Brow Up-Right, Open Mouth, Mouth "O", Mouth "F", Mouth "M", Anger, Concern, Fear, Serious, Smile, Surprise

December 5, 2008 Free Update

  • New Props: present, chair
  • New Poses: Carrying Gift, Doing Magic, Faerie Jump, Sitting, Dancing, Formal Dance, Romantic Dance

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