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Toon Bunny's Easter House R2

Toon Bunny has been hard at work painting eggs and planting carrots. Toon Bunny's Easter house is constructed out of an old mushroom covered stump, surrounded by a carrot patch and a white picket fence. Inside, a cozy fireplace heats up pots of carrot stew; there, our easter friend paints eggs and prepares his basket for the big event.

This model is fully furnished - check the highlights page for more information.

  • Mirye Software Shade 9 or higher
  • Smith Micro Poser 6 or higher
  • Vue 6 or higher
  • Bryce 5.5 or higher

You can also get a Professional Version that includes the original .max geometry and licensed under our Professional 3D license, allowing real time playback in games and simulations.

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