Your Art Team

Meshbox is your secret weapon against the stale and unoriginal

Start with our catalog of thousands of original 3D models, 2D stock visuals and royalty free audio tracks. Meshbox Design releases new and original compositions to our royalty free, easy license asset library every week - much as it has since 2003. We don’t do generics - from the toon-tastic humor horror of Bonehollow™ to the warm 1950s designs of Fedoraville™.

Make us a cost effective part of your team

We can supply you with short term, project based talent - but we can also provide you with full time, long term talent under three, six, 12 or longer term outsourcing contracts that are immediately accessible by Skype.

Do you recognize this face?

Toon Santa™ has been the Santa Claus of NORAD’s official Santa tracking website since 2007. As a result, Toon Santa has appeared on the New York Stock Exchange, on Air Canada in-flight video magazines, the Denver airport and more. Toon Santa is an original Meshbox character, available for licensing.

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