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Meshbox Design's Arajishi-jo is a new line of models based around the fictional "Brave Lion Castle".

Build your next Japanese genre artistic design or animation, rpg or game around this fantastic keep of the samurai. Each product ships with an easily modified, “unwrapped” medium resolution texture map (1024x1024).

License the 3DS Version and get a pp2 Poser Prop version, too! The prop versions are compatible with Poser 5 and Poser 6 (may work with Poser 4 and Poser 4 Pro Pack). Visit the Arajishi-jo Forum.

C1VA03-3DS Arajishi-jo Castle is here! The hall of heroes itself is now available! This castle has three upper floors as as well as a defensive enterance. Arajishi-jo Castle Announcement on Forum.

C1VA01-3DS Arajishi-jo Gate. A detailed gate system usable in any bushido era art and animation.

C1VA02-3DS Outer Keep Kit. A massive wall and entrance way system for building an almost infinite number of sengoku era castles.

Each Arajishi-jo piece is available separately or in a Sengoku 3D bundle for only $40!

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