is the funny, likeable archetype Toon character that is free for you to use in your own artwork!

Chunk includes Chunk Base, the base Chunk character, Mister Chunk (a version of Chunk Base with basic clothing, cap, shirt, trousers and sandals) and Ms Chunk, a female version of Chunk (includes a muumuu, beehive hair and slippers).

Chunk works natively with Smith Micro Poser 7 or higher, or DAZ Studio 4 or higher. You aren't limited only to these programs however. Mirye Software Shade and e-on software Vue both support the PoserFusion specification for loading complete, animated Poser scenes directly into these products. Smith Micro also makes plugins for other popular 3D products that work with PoserPro, namely Photoshop, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Maya and 3D Studio MAX. DAZ Studio Bridge makes DAZ compatible content work with Photoshop CS 4 or higher, with other solutions for using content with DAZ Bryce and DAZ Carrara.

Does Chunk Look Familar?

Chunk Base is the underlying character under Toon Santa (tm), the original 3D Santa Claus from Meshbox Design. Toon Santa is famous throughout the world, having been an official Santa Claus of NORAD Tracks Santa since 2007. Toon Santa has appeared on airline commercials, in the Denver Airport, even on the New York Stock Exchange. Other Meshbox characters are based on Chunk - watch our site!

Design your own Characters?

Chunk includes a Merchant Resource Kit and license to help you design your own character sets that work with Chunk.

Get Incredible Updates to Chunk?

Yes! We update Chunk regularly, adding new features each time. Releases so far:

  • Chunk Ms Chunk Returns with newly revised and updated geometry, rigging, morphs - you name it!
  • Chunk Geometry Revised, Textures Revised 26 new Face Expressions, 3 new Mouth Expressions.
  • Chunk Added 21 new brow/forehead disls to Chunk Base and Ms Chunk.
  • Chunk Added Ms Chunk, Ms Chunk's Muumuu, Beehive and Ms Chunk's slippers.
  • Chunk Adds 38 new dials, including 15 new ear dials and 23 new eye dials.
  • Chunk Adds 38 new nose dials and five new poses.
  • Chunk Adds 25 new lip dials.
  • Chunk Improved DAZ Studio Mimic Morphemes in DMC file, and Compatibility with Toon Santa
  • Chunk Adds DAZ Studio Mimic Support.
  • Chunk Introducing Chunk (tm) Base and Mister Chunk.

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