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Complete Edition

A Complete Edition includes all models in the set, in a particular format - including the bonus model. The Complete Edition is the only way to get access to the bonus model in any set. Pre-order a Complete Edition, and have each model sent to you as they are released.

Professional Edition

Each model is available in a professional edition that includes access to the .MAX version of a the model, and allows geometry to be incorporated into real time projects, so long as it model itself is not resold or can be extracted from the real time environment.



City of Vampires R2 Volume 2

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Return to the accursed City of Vampires! Beyond the Plain of Nightmare is the spiritual home of vampires. The relationship between the city itself and vampires is a mystery, however some tales say that when a vampire is created, the undead flesh remains in the material world, but the spirit of the vampire is drawn into the City of Vampires. The same tales say that when the vampire sleeps in the City of Vampires, their spirit enters their corpse in the material world to feed.

This second volume is available in an R2 release - featuring larger, more public buildings found throughout the cursed city.

Check the Info page for each model to find out what the special features are.

Product Releases

SKU Product Name Info Gallery Pro Shade Poser Bryce
City of Vampires Vol 2 Complete Edition
COV1X201 The Supreme Forum
COV1X202 Dark Theatre
COV1X203 Black Market
COV1X204 The Bath House
COV1X205 The Insula
COV1X206 The Guardhouse
COV1X207 Final Rest Inn
COV1X208 Towers, Walls & Gates

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