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3D Espresso Machines for Poser

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Espresso Machines Volume 1: 3D Props for Your Favorite 3D Environment

Espresso Machines Volume 1 is a set of three beautiful, metal espresso machines in a semi-modern, Italian style - each is capped by a symbolic device - a moon, a star and a comet. Apply your own native shaders to customize. The Vue versions already have custom textures.

Meshbox Props are standalone singles and sets of wonderful widgets and devices you can use for almost any scene you create!

Each model in this series includes a 3DS format, Poser 6+ Prop PP2 and Vue VOB version. When compatible, a Bryce BR5 model is also included.

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Follow the announcement links below to see additional renders or visit the Meshbox NING Community.

Announcement links lead to the original announcement with additional renders.

  • ESPV1101 Espresso Machine "Star"
  • ESPV1102 Espresso Machine "Moon"
  • ESPV1103 Espresso Machine "Comet"

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