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Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter

A three propped wonder! Flights of fast, steam powered clockwork helicopters make passenger travel within the Empire a pleasure. Three full rows of comfortable seats, with warm, dark wooden paneling and brass fitted fixtures. A cockpit is open and accessible with a dome-like view.


complete helicopter

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The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you

Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter Pro

This set is designed for professional designers and game developers that require additional rights, such as real time playback in games, simulations and more.

Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter for Bryce

This set is compatible with Bryce 5.5 and higher.

Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter for Poser

This set is compatible with Poser 6 or higher.

  • dials: wheels turn
  • dials: props turn
  • dials: hatch opens/closes
  • properly scaled
  • 6 texture and bump maps

R2 version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based models (cr2) and separate OBJ versions of the building.

Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter for Shade

This set is compatible with Shade 9 or higher.

Clockwork Steampunk Helicopter for Vue

This set is compatible with Vue 6 or higher.


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