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About Elven Village Volume 1 R2

Elven Village is the ethereal home of elves, rich with history and unique architecture, crystal lamps and green dragon skinned roofs. The R2 revision vastly expands and improves upon a classic model set.

About Elven Village Volume 1 R2 Complete Edition

Elven Village Volume 1 R2 is available in a Complete Edition that includes all publicly released models, plus a bonus model only available in the set

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Customer Quotes

"I just did a very basic render of this in Lightwave. Wow. It looks like it fell out of MiddleEarth. Get this, even if you have no use for it. It's a thing of beauty!"-- Matthew Webber (Ocyrhoe)

"Frelling gorgeous and a steal for the money!!"-- Leo Bores (Elowan)

"I've got all 4 pieces so far and, am anxious to see what's next on the plate. Fantastic pieces, everything is simply breathtaking!" -- Michael Westbrook (Summoned1)

"An unbelievable model at a steal of a price. I enjoyed this model so much, I came back and purchased the Elven Inn. Please keep making more - this series is both magical and unique!" -- Arianna H.


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