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Haunted Village Volume 2 Complete Edition

This model set has been upgraded and updated to Haunted Village R2 Volume 2. If you previously purchased Haunted Village Volume 2, you can upgrade to the R2 version of this set at a discounted rate.

New R2 Features

  • New England Texture Set. In addition to the original texture set, you also get an entirely new texture set making this model set work well with Innsmouth 3D, Miskatonic University and other Lovecraft themed models.
  • Improved Base Textures. The single texture file has been replaced with multiple, improved textures, and also include bump maps
  • New props. Look around inside each model - there are new furnishings, expansions and features
  • Smarter Geometry. More props are available separately so the model is easier to customize.
  • Pro version available. It is possible to license these models for use in real time environments and interactive 3D games.

Poser and DAZ Studio Specific Improvements

  • Dial Driven Doors. Doors are dial driven, so they can be opened and closed
  • Removable Roof. Makes it easier to place your characters
  • Proper Scaling. The model is now in scale so that it is proportioned according to the standard size of a Poser character.
  • Includes OBJ and Organized Runtime. Yes, it includes the OBJ! The runtime set up is according to common standards for runtimes.
  • Pre-set, Movable Props. You get an empty version and a complete version, with pre-placed props. The props are smarter and movable.


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