Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny (tm)
the original Easter Bunny is back , and she's not your ordinary cute pink bunny!

Miss Bunny is ready for every kind of adventure. Miss Bunny includes the classic bunny kit and so much more.. You get original clothes and props for Easter, plus all features from previous releases - picnic, steampunk and more - and this year, she's ready for vacation himself, from flying airplanes and parachuting to boating adventures to just enjoying a tropical paradise.

Don't forget to check out Miss Bunny's male friend Toon Bunny!

Miss Toon Bunny Features

  • Character: Toon Bunny Poser Character (CR2) and OBJ with updates and improvements for this release, based on user feedback.
  • Toon Bunny Poses
    • Beach Party Poses - Drinking Exotic Drink, Driving Speed Boat*, Driving Tractor*, Driving Yacht*, Floating on Air Mattress (2), Flying Airplane*, Getting a Tan on a Beach Blanket, Parachuting (Happy), Parachuting (Panic), Reset, Waterskiing
    • Steampunk Poses -Aiming Gun, Dance (with Toon Bunny)*, Driving Eggwalker*, Holding Egg, Holding Gun, One Hand Driving*
    • Picnic Poses - Eating Berry, Holding Parasol, Idea, Running, Sleep, Reset
  • Toon Bunny Props and Clothing
    • Beach Party Props - Swimming Suit, Skydiving Suit, Beach Blanket, Cocktail (Coconut), Goggles, Parachuting Helmet, Air Mattress, Waterski (2), Parachute, Sunglasses, Swimming Cap, Beach Umbrella, Waterski Handle
    • Steampunk Props - Steampunk Hat, Steampunk glasses, Steam Rifle, Steampunk Dress, Steampunk Boots
    • Picnic Props - Bow, Strawberry, Parasol, Dress
  • Dials: Brows Up, Brows Up Left, Brows Up Right, Mouth O, Mouth F, Anger, Fear, Serious, Surprise, Grip

Both Toon Bunny and Miss Bunny are bundled together at one low price!

* Indicates a pose that works with another model not included with this model.

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