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Mrs ToonSanta (tm) - Official Toon Santa Website

Because even Toon Santa can get lonely! Mrs Toon Santa is a loving character - a little more realistic than Toon Santa but no less kind. Mrs Toon Santa 2007 is a character for use in Poser 6 or higher. Mrs ToonSanta 2007 for Poser features a long list of dials for character expression. Sophisticated face dials make Mrs ToonSanta come alive! Visit the Toon Santa Highlights section for more information on features.

Visit! There you will not only find Toon Santa, but any of Toon Santa's friends and his original Christmas town, Toon Santa's Christmas Village 2006 and also the new Toon Santa's Christmas Village 2007.

Mrs Toon Santa 2007 Features

  • New! Gold Mrs Toon Santa 2007 - Queen of the North Pole. Toon Santa 2007 has a golden yellow outfit, silver belt buckle and jeweled golden crown.
  • New! Harp Prop and 2 Playing and Singing Poses - Mrs Toon Santa has his own harp and harp stand, and two poses that have her playing and singing.
  • New! Cup Prop and standing Pose - new cup and pose allow Mrs Toon Santa to quickly enjoy a cup of her favorite tea.
  • Classic Red Mrs Santa 2006 Included - Never fear, she is included!
  • Displacement maps on fringe, cuffs and hat.
  • Mimic compatible.
  • Mrs Toon Santa has complete hands with removable gloves
  • Separate OBJs of hat and gloves
  • Includes her classic pair of specs!
  • Compatible with Poser 6 and Poser 7
  • Face Dials: Surprise, Blink (left, right), Lbrow Up & Down, Rbrow Up & Down, Brows Up & Down, OpenLips, Mouth F, Mouth M, Mouth O, Blink, smile

Go to the Mrs Toon Santa 2007 highlights page to find out more about what's new with Mrs Toon Santa in 2007!

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