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orc Journeys - Elves and The Sea

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Orc Journeys Volume 1 Complete Edition

The races of Orc are many, from the nobles of the First House of Orc to the wild Dragon tribes of the eastern plains. Though their ships lack the sleek beauty of elven craft, Orc ships are better prepared for battle than their foes.

Orc Journeys Volume 1 - aka Orcs and the Sea - is a collection of water craft models based around the Orc themes first introduced in the Meshbox Orc Village Series. This set include - when completed - seven publicly released models based around Orcs and the sea, plus the bonus model. You can pre-order the set at any time, and will be automatically informed by email as each subsequent model is released for downloading.

Each model in this series includes a 3DS format, Poser 6+ Prop PP2 and Vue VOB version. When compatible, a Bryce BR5 model is also included.

BONUS MODEL: This set, includes a bonus model that is only available if you purchase the set directly from Meshbox Design.

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Follow the announcement links below to see additional renders or visit the Meshbox NING Community.

Announcement links lead to the original announcement with additional renders.

See the Hightlights page and the announcement for each model for detailed information on the model.

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