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Orc Village Volume 2 Complete Edition

Meshbox Design's Orc Village Volume 2 includes eight new models of the most popular fantasy bad guy. The product ships with an easily modified, “unwrapped” medium resolution texture map (2048x2048). This set adds even more to the original eight models released as Orc Village Volume 1.

View the announcement of each model to see a larger number of demo pictures.

Although considered thoroughly evil by the Elves, Orcs are a gregarious and highly order oriented race. Orcs become full citizens through war and the slaying of their first dragon - the dragon skin becoming the basis of their homes.

License the 3DS Version and get a pp2 Poser Prop version and Bryce br5 version too! The prop versions are compatible with Poser 5 and Poser 6. Visit the Orc Village Volume 2 Support Forum.

Orc Village Volume 2 is available in a bundle with Music from Orc Village Volume 2 - a royalty free soundtrack library!

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