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Meshbox Design is a leader in 3D, 2D and audio content devepment, and a division of Proactive International. You can license most Meshbox products directly from us using PayPal.

Click through to the product page, then click the How to Buy tab. Most models are available separately, except for bonus models which are only available in sets.

Complete Edition sets are only available throug8h Meshbox.com and Miryestore.com, and also include 3DS versions. While most orders are processed within a few busness hours of receiving an order, please allow up to two business days.

Mirye Software is the software publishing division of Proactive International and publishes professional software products such as Shade 3D, one of the oldest professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation products on Mac OS X and Windows.

Mirye Software also sells products such as LiveCode, the cross platform development tool for Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android, the Valentina database and reporting system and Franklin 3D game engine.

You can also order almost any Meshbox Design product, including Meshbox icon sets marketed under the IconPeople brand.

Content Paradise is an online marketplace designed to support graphic artists and designers by providing the tools and materials you need to help your creative projects get done faster.

Through Content Paradise you can buy and sell 2D and 3D content, audio, and software all in one website.

Meshbox Design has been a key Content Paradise partner since its earliest days and markets there versions of products for Poser | DAZ Studio, Shade, e-on software Vue and Bryce.

Cornucopia3D is an online community dedicated to the Vue line of products. On Cornucopia, you will find all sorts of resources to improve your Vue experience: forums, galleries, tutorials and more.

Meshbox Design has been a key Cornucopia 3D partner since the first opening of the store and markets there versions of products for e-on software's Vue natural scenery 3D product line.

Renderosity has been an online art community since December 1998. Thev name Renderosity was created and voted upon by the online community of digital artists in October of 1999.

As the graphic arts industry grew worldwide, there became a need for a medium of communication that could link this diverse, international group. Renderosity has filled that need.

Today Renderosity is one of the leading online communities for graphic artists, supporting users of many of the different applications in use throughout the CG industry.

www.meshbox.com www.mirye.net www.contentparadise.com www.cornucopia3d.com www.renderosity.com

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