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Professional Edition

Each model is available in a professional edition that includes access to the .MAX version of a the model, and allows geometry to be incorporated into real time projects, so long as it model itself is not resold or can be extracted from the real time environment.

Complete Edition

A Complete Edition includes all models in the set, in a particular format - including the bonus model. The Complete Edition is the only way to get access to the bonus model in any set. Pre-order a Complete Edition, and have each model sent to you as they are released.


Roaring '20s Buildings Volume 1

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Roaring Twenties Buildings Volume 1 is a model series based on the cultural significance of the sometimes opulent, sometimes gritty era, with a focus on Britain and the United States.

Product Releases

SKU Product Name Info Gallery Pro Shade Poser Vue Bryce
Roaring '20s Buildings Vol 1 Complete Edition
RXX1V101 Grand Metropolitan Hotel
RXX1V102 Summer Park
RXX1V103 Victoria Station
RXX1V104 Art Deco Manor
RXX1V105 Police Station
RXX1V106 Art Deco Apartments
RXX1V107 Art Deco Office Building
RXX1V108 To Be Announced


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