Roy the Halfling

Roy the Halfling™
Roy the Halfling™ (also known as Royston to his Mom, 0-Level Halfling Villager to the GM, and 20 experience points to Players) is just starting out as an adventurer - willing to try any character class so long as he can get five meals a day, lots of gold and not barbequed by orcs. Not very trusting, he wears both suspenders AND a belt under his beautiful green vest, where you'll also find tucked a (firmly attached) coin pouch and handkerchief. With his adventurer's satchel and cloak thrown over his shoulders, he's ready to investigate pantries, cupboards, tavern storage houses and other places that vaguely resemble dungeons. In a pinch though, don't discount bravery from so small a fellow!

As a 3D character, Roy also includes multiple hair styles, removable sideburns and eyebrows, and a custom texture map for his face, completely replacing the map used by the base installation of Chunk (but Chunk Base textures still work great!) - making it possible to create your own adventuring party made up of halflings.

Roy the Halfling works with Poser 7+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher and requires Chunk (Chunk not included, but free from Mirye). Roy the Halfling includes specialized props, 19 texture and bump maps, and customizations to Chunk.

See the Highlights Section for more information.

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