Art by Contract

Our Artist is Your Artist

You have ongoing needs for design, modeling, animation - you would like to have your own staff artist, but you think the cost is just too high (and lets not talk about payroll, taxes and other headaches - the reasons). The Meshbox Art by Contract program is the answer. Our artist becomes your artist!

Virtually There is As Good As Being There

International Meshbox Design has English speaking staff located in international offices who can communicate extremely effectively using Skype, text chat and email, and all coordinated through a central US based office. We’ve vetted and hired so you can benefit from cost effective creative services.

Managed Costs with Professional Results

You know the business - lower the touch costs, and the customer benefits. Art by Contract is time based. You get your artist every work day, and you can tell them what you want, without worries about change planning. Art by Contract can be of any length over two months, with the greatest cost benefits to you on six or more months. Satisfied Meshbox clients run the gamut of contracts running for three months - with some running over five years!

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