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The Time Traveller Volume 1

The traveller begins! The Time Traveller Volume 1 is the first century of time travel - beginning in 1888 and ending in 1889, and includes matched versions of the Time Traveller's Laboratory and a time machine for each era in the century (four pairings in total). Each one builds upon the last. From 1888 to 1926, not only does the Time Traveller's Great Laboratory gain new technology, but its outer walls are changed with the times, and the outer brick walls change to represent weathering.

So also begins the Schism of 1888, wherein two who would later become allied hidden masters - H G Wells and Jules Verne - battle for ideological supremacy and the new world of science.

This series includes a 3DS format, Poser 6+ Prop PP2 and Vue VOB versions. Includes an “unwrapped” medium resolution texture maps (2048x2048). Some models also include transparency maps for windows. It also includes a Bryce Br 5 version if compatible.

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