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Toon Franklin for Poser (T2M10008-POS)

Toon Franklin is the patriotic inventor from an entirely different Toon Cosmos! Based on the oddball American patriot Benamin Franklin, Toon Franklin is a funny fellow developed in a similar style to Meshbox Design's Toon Santa character. Toon Franklin is pre-dressed in an 18th century outfit, with fat gold buttons and shoe buckles.

He has a special aging dial that lets you increase his jowl size, just like the real Franklin! He works with many standard Poser 6+ poses, you can recolor many of his clothes, plus you get a prop tricorn hat and prop pair of glasses.

Toon Franklin is a part of Toon Cosmos - the alternate reality that gave birth to Toon Santa! Just like the real Benjamin Franklin, Toon Franklin was a great revolutionary, inventor and Toon ladies man - a true rennaisance man of the alternative universe. Toon Franklin is a perfect character for your educational projects as well - who wouldn’t want to learn from Toon Franklin?

See the original announcement and additional sample renders on the Meshbox NING Community or in the original announcement.

Toon Franklin for Poser Features

Toon Franklin is a an animatable character for use with Poser 6 and Poser 7.

  • Easy to tint or change color on clothing
  • New! Special Age dial increases jowl size
  • Displacement maps on hair, eyebrows and clothing
  • Mimic compatible.
  • Separate OBJs of hat and glasses
  • Compatible with Poser 6 and Poser 7
  • Includes a small selection of poses and light sets, including a "reset" pose
  • Face Dials: Surprise, Blink (left, right), Lbrow Up & Down, Rbrow Up & Down, Brows Up & Down, OpenLips, Mouth F, Mouth M, Mouth O, Blink, Age, Smile

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